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متن سخنرانی دکتر سردار محمد رحیمی در کنفرانس نقش دیپلماسی عمومی در توسعه همکاری های سازمان شانگهای که در تاریخ 19-20 مارچ 2016 در شهر ساحلی سوچی در روسیه برگزار گردید

Fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and new world order


As you know it’s about more than three decades that Afghan people have been in the middle of war. For them, fighting against terrorism by international community has been poor slogan because they are counting the days of crisis without any hopeful outlets. However Afghanistan has been the Forefront of the fight against extremism and terrorism after 11 September 2001, but I believe the international community agendas against terrorism wouldn’tbe enough and appropriate for Afghanistan circumstances. Unilateralism or virtual multilateralism without involving the key international actors indicate that in spite of reality terrorism is not global issues.  Just theoretically we emphasize to terrorism as a global subject, but our agenda is not global. We need strong agenda against extremism and terrorism according new world order.


We are living in the ages of transition in new international order with very important responsibilities for great powers. Most of the international politics analysts believe, that international system is changing and new order works and depends on all of international actors specially the great powers like rise of Russia and china has been coined for a decades to explain changing the world and expecting new conflicts. According to historical experiences rise of great powers means escalation of race and conflict in the world system. I don’t like speak idealistic and simplistic about cooperation between great powers in current condition But I believe in the ages of transitions the competition between powers is different than the past. In the cold war we had seen ideological conflict between two block, but right now the conflict context is functional than ideological and the globalizations subjects force the great powers to cooperation together. For example we can compare the behavior of Russia and USA to fight against terrorism (the global subject) in the Middle East. Russia’s attacks against ISIL with mount of success indicated the new logic of competition. USA tolerance with terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq has been criticized and has been affected by Russia’s functionalism. This means the new aspects of competition between key powers in the ages of transition could be around global subjects and effective functions. Especially in the Middle East and Afghanistan which has confronted to terrorism, the functional ways for fighting against global terrorism is acceptable than tolerance with terrorist groups.We should accept the influence of globalization subjects to race and conflict between key and important powers, then this subjects would be restrict the measure of conflicts especially to important world agendas.

According to these explanations the key powers have to cooperate in the global management in some global subjects and agendas. In spite of competition between great powers, Terrorism is one of the global issues and needs global agenda with real multilateral cooperation in the world level. USA, Russia, China, EU and the other actors in international relation are responsible for fighting against extremism and terrorism, specially to current situation that the threats of  these terrorists groups and extremism that are increasingly growing.

Afghanistan’s fighting against terrorism is continuing with little perspective to future. I believe the Lack of cooperation against terrorism and different agendas from key powers only helps the terrorism groups at the gates of everywhere inter the cities.

To this condition the regional and international strategic cooperation has a key role in the fight against terrorism. The shanghai cooperation organization is one of the most important regional organization with great potentials to take responsibilities for global governance.  The parallel role of shanghai cooperation organization to NATO specially to fight against terrorism is necessity of the new world order.   So I believe that the presence of Russia, China and also Pakistan in the Shanghai Organization will persuade some regional countries who are accused of supporting of some extremism and fundamentalism groups in the region for their national interests and their foreign policies, because we know that supporting and aiding of such extremism groups are not in the benefit of the region,

In conclusion I emphasize to three points of views for understanding new world orders and fighting against terrorism.

First, we are living in the ages of transition, the new world order is not depend on  super powers with specific ideology, but the global issues and great powers make new world order. Global issues like terrorism effect to great powers to make new space for competitions and conflicts. That is functionalism and we could understand this function to fight against terrorism in the Middle East by comparing two great powers activities USA and Russia.

Second, in spite of conflict between key powers but the global issues need to cooperate between all of them.  for some subjects like climate changeas a global issue the world leaders agreed  to  a landmark deal to fight Global Warming in the last December. Terrorism also is a global issues like climate change; therefore the great powers have to reach the same agenda for fighting against terrorism.

Third, the mission of Afghanistan to fight against terrorism without global agenda and without support the national unity government by all of regional and international powers are a mission of impossible.